Ukrainian hryvnya


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Being established in 1994, Parimatch is considered to be the oldest ukrainian bookmeker. It worked only in offline regime at first, but Internet advancement has given to it an opportunity to become much more accessible for the bettors, and therefore - successful. Years went by and Parimatch has evolved into a well-known bookmaker in its native region: it sponsores many prestigious toutnaments as well as advertises its products everywhere.


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The Marathonbet was established in Russian Federation on 1998. It's considered a pretty long lifetime for an ex Soviet Union bookmaker, however by worldwide standarts it's still too young to be known globally. Still in post-Soviet countries Marathonbet is acknowledged as a top-level bookmaker since it works both online and in offline, though the bookmaker's website is much more popular with about 3.3 millions visits in last month. That's quite a number for a bookmaker which is no more than a local company, so let's find out what people see in it.